Florida Leads the Nation in International Residential Real Estate Sales

In relation to real estate sales; Florida is currently leading the nation in sales to internationally born buyers.  During 2013, roughly 23 percent of sales were to foreign purchasers. Florida is once again the preferred state in the United States among the leading international real estate purchasers, earning roughly 23 percent of all sales transactions. This is not an easy achievement, but the state has done it again. Nationwide, foreign purchases of real estate rose 35 percent. This is for the 12 month time period that ended in March 2013.

Chinese Real Estate Investors

China purchased the most real estate in the United States, which accounted for $22 billion dollars in total purchases. This number is up 5 percent from one year earlier and accounts for 19 percent of the total amount of foreign sales. Currently, the Chinese investors focus more of their purchases in California, New York, and Washington; but they are paying close attention to real estate developments in Florida.  The current crop of chinese buyers seem to favor luxury condos and waterfront homes, and that likely means the next big international buying group will be of chinese descent.

The state of Florida has led the nation in the area of foreign residential real estate sales for a long time and is expected to continue to do so.  Click Here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the 2014 Profile of International Home Buying Activity

For More Information on International Buying Trends and the areas of Florida  projected to take off, Click Here.

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