Miami’s New Skyline – The Arrival of the Super Talls

The real estate crash of 2008 demolished the City of Miami like a hurricane.  At the time, many predicted that the city would not be able to recover for at least 10 years and the kind of growth experienced in the boom years would never be witnessed again. Having the lure of the “Magic City”; Miami turned its attention to Latin America, where the elite were looking to protect their wealth amid unstable governments. The combination of the wealthy looking for safe havens for their wealth and discounted condos in a worldwide destination; created a perfect storm for international investment led by South Americans and a rebirth for Miami.

Miami has “tall” buildings, but does not compare in the “Super Tall” class. With The Four Seasons standing at 789 feet as the benchmark, the council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat decreed super tall buildings, as any building over 300 meters or 984 feet tall.

Miami’s Future Skyline – Brickell Magazine

Part of the inability to build a Super Tall in the past, has been the strict enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration requirements that have shut down projects that ranged from 1,022 and 3,200 feet. A few examples of those projects like the Empire World Towers and Miapolis, never passed the drawing board due to their urban core locations. All of that is changing; with projects like Tibor Hollos Panorama Tower, Swire’s One Brickell City Centre and Tibor Hollo’s One Bayfront Plaza all coming in at around 1,000 feet. Miami  has a few Super Tall’s in its near future, and our skyline is never going to be the same.

Aside from the above well-known proposals, it seems there are lesser known projects with the intent of being Super Talls. Ultra-luxury Brickell Tower; a 70 story development by Ugo Colombo and One Brickell by Arquitectonica, another 80 story behemoth are also in slate for Super Tall status.

If you are busy trying to imagine how all these buildings will look on Miami’s Skyline, here is a great link with architectural renderings of the proposed buildings for the City of Miami.

If you have any questions about any of the developments in this post please Click Here.

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